Thursday, November 18, 2010

Labour Councillor describes Royals as 'inbred aristos who've never done a days work in their life'

To be fair, I have never been the most ardent royalist, but I was delighted to hear the news that Prince William and Kate Middleton are to marry. The royal family have an important constitutional and ceremonial role, they have been a key part of the history of this country, and continue to live lives involving huge public service, greatly benefiting the United Kingdom. At a personal level, I wish them all the best for their future together.

Not so my replacement as Coleridge ward Councillor, Labour's George Owers. He tweeted the following:

Where to start - well first off it is pretty offensive to the royal family. Its bigoted. But I can't help wondering if the irony of an Oxbridge educated 21-year-old student describing a trained RAF pilot, whose job is to undertake dangerous and life saving rescue missions as 'an aristo who [has] never done a day's work in their life' has been completely lost on Cllr Owers.

Its not like he doesn't have form for this type of behaviour - some previous pronouncements on Conservative Party Chairman Baroness Warsi:

So if someone from an ethnic minority becomes a Conservative politician they are a traitor to their ethnic background - what are you suggesting George? Charming!

Coleridge Conservatives campaigned at the recent by-election that the election of firebrand student politician from the middle of Cambridge might not be the best person to represent all sections of the community in Coleridge ward. I hope some of his Labour colleagues on the Council can have a quiet word, and suggest he tones down his disgusting rants (or better still retracts his comments and apologises to the people concerned), before it becomes obvious to rather more of the electorate that the Conservatives may have had a point.

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